How Our Experiences Work

We are here to give you the experience you want and will never forget!

How Do Our Passes Work?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Pick your pass

1. Pick your pass

Choose a pass that fits the time you have in Ecuador and stop at the places you want to see. Check out our Planning Guides for tips and tricks on making the most of your adventure.You can easily adapt your itinerary, adding or removing days where you wish!

Plan your journey

2. Choose your start date

Our experiences start on allocated days, just pick the one that suits your arrival date, let us know and off you go! At Wanderbus, your safety is paramount, you will never arrive at your destination late in the night, we aim to get you there in time for dinner!

Begin your journey

3. Begin your journey

Meet your friendly and expert local guides. We give you freetime so let us know if you want to add any extra tours or if you need to make changes to your itinerary. You can change your itinerary as much as you like – just give us 24 hours notice!

Customize Your Ecuadorian Experience

Your ecuadorian experience

Wanderbus is a company created by travelers for travelers. We know what matters on the road and that things can change along the way, you feel sick, you want to stay a bit longer in a place or you hear about a cool festival that you now want to attend. We get you want an organized but flexible experience, you want some free time to do what you want but you also want to get to that new destination at a reasonable hour and not in the middle of the night. We also know that there’s a lot to think about when planning a trip, especially when you have never visited a destination before.

As the local experts, we are here to help, to give you the experience you want and will never forget! We know you want to see all Ecuador has to offer – on and off the beaten track, meet the locals and enjoy new experiences every day. You want to travel the real Ecuador.

But you also want the money-saving Ecuador, to stay safe in Ecuador, make friends in Ecuador, and to see as much as you can with your limited time here.

We have taken all of this into consideration to craft ready-made itineraries that tick all the right boxes. All you have to do is:

  • Pick the pass for you
  • Decide a start date
  • Plan the number of days you want in each location
  • Correlate your days in each location with your pass departure dates
  • Learn the departure locations in each location
  • Make as many changes as you like and you just need to confirm changes 24 hours before departure.

More than a bus and less fixed than a tour – Wanderbus, the independent traveler experience.

Our Experiences

Wanderbus Experiences are your chance to get off the beaten-track to do authentic activities and tours that take you deeper into Ecuadorian culture, all while connecting and leaving a positive impact on local communities or families. All our experiences are hand pick and approved on-site by our Wanderbus Ecuador travel experts.

Who Travels With Us

In our first year, we had over 4,000 people from over 80 countries travel with us. Everyone from solo travelers, couples, groups of friends, to families, and all sharing their love of travel with Wanderbus, while leaving a positive impact in Ecuador towns, communities, families and environment.

Solo travelers

Solo travelers

Men and women traveling alone choose Wanderbus for safety reassurance and to meet friends with whom to share their adventure.


Couples who want to make the most of their time opt for Wanderbus as it’s the most convenient way to get around Ecuador.


Groups of friends

Groups of adventurous friends are regulars with Wanderbus, as we visit the most sought-after destinations.


Families choose Wanderbus as they want a safe option for their family and they like that someone else is taking care of the logistics.