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We have developed a travel experience for independent travelers, the sweet spot between a hop-on-hop-off bus and an organized tour. Our experiences include all paid activities and give you the freedom to stay in our destinations for as long or as short as you need. We take care of organizing the logistics, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

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Authentic experiences operated by locals.

Private Journeys
Private Journeys

Fully customizable & personalized journeys


Share departure circuits around the country

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There are countless reasons why you should chose a private journey when traveling.

Create the perfect itinerary, adding or removing activities according to your preferences. Go where you want to go. Choose where to stay and where to eat. Start any day you like; from wherever you want. Make changes along the way. Travel in a private vehicle with a guide . Private journeys are the ultimete journeys, because they are yours.

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How it works

Wanderbus provides visitors with an authentic experience of Ecuador—as if through the eyes of a local. No matter the destination, be it in the most popular or the most off-the-beaten-track, Wanderbus partners with small- and medium-sized providers, to make the world a better place through travel. You too can visit, connect, and contribute.

Wanderer Reviews

Excellent experience of the weaving workshop
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This was an amazing experience with Wanderbus. We had a Taller de Tejido Waorani (traditional weaving workshop) with two women from the Amazonia who taught us the whole process of weaving. They showed us how to get the fiber from a plant called chandira, how to colour it, how to make the threads and do the bracelets and necklaces.
Wanderbus takes you to amazing places
Adrianne van den Oetelaar
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Amazing tour! Heidi is the best tour guide ever!! So helpful, thoughtful, skilled. She helps you with everything. Wanderbus takes you to amazing places. Bus is very comfortable, you are really going to eat with the locals, you get free water and free local snacks in the bus. Just amazing would totally recommend! They focus on recycling ♻ and keeping our nature clean.
Exceptional Experience with Wanderbus Tour Company
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We have traveled to over 30 countries and has been on MANY tours, but the one by Wanderbus Tour Company was exceptional in everyway! Our private 7 day tour was coordinated by Nicholas and lead by Alex! This tour took us from the city to the mountains; the volcanos to the jungle and all stops in between!
The overall adventure with Wanderbus was fantastic.
Dave García
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Packages are pricier than traveling on your own with local buses, but the value outweighs the cost x5. • Visiting x2 major travel activities in one day • Safety and security for you, your bags and personal belongings at all times • A private tour guide that speaks English & Spanish who can answer any questions you may have • The bus will wait if you want to spend a bit more time at each tour.
We Loved The Wanderbus. Highly recommended
LydiaB226 Spokane, Washington, USA
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After much research, we chose to use the Wander Bus for our transportation and tours when we were in Ecuador January/February 2020, and we are so glad that we did! We took three weeks completing the entire loop. Everything about our experience was special and wonderful. It was one of the best trips we've taken so far.
So much more than a great tour!. Great for solo travelers
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I was lucky enough to have Jackie as a guide. She was a wonderful way to get to know ecuador. I needed to go to Cuenca and had no idea what was in between, i booked with Wanderbus because i love the idea of a long distance hop on hop off assuming I would have to research things along the way. instead what i got was a great driver and a world class guide, illuminating so many cultural and geographical wonders along the way.

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