Ecuador Family Vacation

A country full of new experiences

We’re a great solution for travelling families​

This wonderfully beautiful country is the perfect place for your Ecuador family vacation. Astoundingly diverse while mercifully small in size, it’s full of new experiences for young minds to enjoy and families to share: whether a new language (or languages!), new flavors, new cultures, new natural worlds, new people to meet… We designed the Wanderbus to help travellers of all ages, whether eight or eighty, to get the most out of their precious holidays, while exploring safely and flexibly. And we think we’re a great solution for travelling families!

Families save!

If there are 5 or more of you traveling together please contact us for a group discount.

If you are traveling with children under 12 years old, they receive a 30% discount off the full-priced adult pass.

Want to learn more about how to travel to Ecuador with kids, and also see some awesome places to visit? Read more here: Travelling to Ecuador with children: advice and to do list

Need advice? If you need help finding a family-friendly accommodation, contact us at and we’ll send you a list, or some personalized suggestions based on your preferences.

Safety Firts

Unfortunately, public buses in Ecuador don’t have the best safety records. Wanderbus is a safe option for traveling to must-see destinations as well as off-the-beaten track locations.

  • All our buses are new, regularly maintained, driven by experienced professionals
  • Our expert guides will be with you for your entire trip, so you’ll never be alone when traveling to your destinations.
  • We don’t make unplanned stops and we know exactly who is on the bus, when.
  • We travel with a first-aid kit and our guides are all trained in first-aid.

Kid-friendly Activities

The founders of the Wanderbus have worked in tourism for many years, travelling the length and breadth of the country. So we created journeys that would be stimulating, enriching and fun for international ‘wanderers’. Some of us are also parents, so we took families into account, too!

Here are just a few of the things they’ll love:

  • Walk up to the rim of an active crater lake volcano and gaze out over the beautiful Quilotoa Lake. You can even spend the night here and hike down into the crater to take a boat ride in the lake if you like.
  • Try traditional Ecuadorian ice-cream on the way from Quito to Baños — it’s even made from fresh local fruits, so it’s good for them too 😉
  • Make chocolate! They’ll learn how to pick the right fruit, dry the seeds, and then grind and roast them all by themselves.
  • Learn Spanish and Kichwa (the language of the Incas, still spoken in many rural communities) with our guides.
  • Get airborne on the Swing at the End of the World in Baños.

Flexibility built in

Sit back and relax while your whole family enjoys your vacation.

  • We have games and trivia for kids on each route so they won’t get bored.
  • They’ll learn a lot about Ecuador: the culture, food, and other fun facts — they’ll be experts by the time you leave!
  • Our guides love having kids on the bus, and they especially love it when they ask tons of questions about all things Ecuador!
  • We have free snacks (even Pacari chocolate bars!) and water on all the buses too, so no one will be hungry or thirsty during your trip.