About Wanderbus

Formed by an A-Team of travel experts

We’ve mapped out the best routes in Ecuador

The Wanderbus was formed by an A-Team of travel experts; innovative people looking for new solutions to things that others hadn’t even worked out were problems yet.

Some of us are Ecuadorians by birth, others by long-held affection for the country; what we all share is a love of each of its regions, and a frustration that some of the most spectacular of its attractions have been inaccessible to those who want to see them the most.

That is, until now.

Some of us are storytellers who have scoured the length and breadth of the country in search of amazing tales to tell the world. Others are logistical magicians, who just know how to make things work.

Combining our experiences from our travels around the world and our expertise in different professional fields, we came up with a way to share the Ecuador that we know and love with other passionate travellers.

Nicolás Ponce


Dominic Hamilton


Christian Ponce


Cristina Guerrero


The footprint we leave on our surroundings and on the communities we encounter is paramount to us and a pillar of the Wanderbus vision.

That’s why for every 20 passengers who board the Wanderbus, we’ll bring a tourism student along for the ride with us to give them a chance to practice their English and learn more about their beautiful country. There’s a chance to share a meal with the communities we visit along the way, you’ll get to meet and swap ideas with true Ecuadorians.

Want to give back?
Get stuck in to the local culture, learn new ways of thinking, and share your own valuable experiences with a volunteering programme. Contact us for more information.


Our safety record is one of the top reasons that travellers choose Wanderbus. We know that safety is a great concern for those on the road in foreign countries, particularly in Ecuador where public transport sadly has a poor track record in crashes and petty crime.

That’s why we only use new buses, and perform maintenance checks on them every week. All our drivers are background-checked and certified and on each trip, there are always two of them – we all know the dangers of a sleepy bus driver.