Why Hop When You Can Wander

Wanderbus is safe, flexible, and affordable.

Understand the differences better

Ecuador is a beautiful country with so many amazing things to see, and dozens of ways of getting around, including guided hop-on hop-off bus tours.

Now, with multiple hop-on hop-off options available, we thought we would compile this information to help you understand the differences better.

The Wanderbus is safe, flexible, and affordable. We offer routes all around the country with the hop-on, hop-off concept, so passengers can decide where to stay and for how long, anywhere in the country.

The Wanderbus is safe and spacious, and includes an English-speaking guide throughout the entire journey. It’s easy to plan any trip in advance and we can guarantee that our schedules are consistent and reliable. We operate all our tours during the day so all passengers can feel safe and enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as all the included activities we have planned at unique stops along the way.

On the Wanderbus, we promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility on our trips. When traveling with us, we give all passengers their own reusable water bottle, and also provide free water from 5-gallon bottles on all our buses. We also work with local people all over Ecuador, so when traveling with us, everyone is helping the communities and families we visit, while also getting a more authentic experience.

Wanderbus offers an amazing means to travel to off-the-beaten-track locations while enjoying a full day of exploring new places. Aboard the Wanderbus we see Ecuador’s hidden gems, and also its popular destinations, while learning more about the culture, engaging with local communities, and getting to know other travelers.

Other hop options

Other hop options provide a safe and fast way to travel to Ecuador’s tourist cities; passengers pay a lot more when compared to public transportation, but for almost the same service. Taking other hop options, they will zip through the mountains or the coast to their final destination.

There are quick stops at easily-accessible tourist places where tourists interact only with other tourists on the trip, completely skipping meeting the locals, learning about the culture, and seeing Ecuador’s hidden gems. Some trips are overnight, which means having to sleep on the bus (instead of in a nice comfy bed), and missing out on beautiful parts of Ecuador just to get to the final destination, just like public transportation.

Here, activities are not included in the final price — for example, a tour of the actual Cotopaxi National Park, to get a true feel for this amazing volcano, is not included in the trip. So when booking with other hop options, it’s important to note that travelers are only paying for the transportation, and they have to pay extra for simple tours, in destinations that are already part of the tourist trails.

If you find something cheaper that includes all of our stops we’ll match the price!