5 Extreme activities to do in Baños


Baños is renowned for its extreme sports such as abseiling or bungee jumping. Tourists from all around the world including other regions of Ecuador come here to get their thrills. Its location on the eastern foothills of the Andes means there is an abundance of waterfalls, gushing rivers, and beautiful forest. While you’re here you can also enjoy a great night out, spas and a good selection of food and drink!

Discover 5 Extreme activities to do in Baños

Bungee jumping

A road commonly known as the waterfall route runs down a steep valley from Baños towards the Amazon. A river runs deep along the bottom of this valley, and on the bridges that cross it you can find the ultimate adventure. There are several bungee jumping points both on the bridges and on the sides of the valley. Most places in Baños offer tours that include bungee jumping and other activities such as rafting. This one is not for the faint of heart!


Also known as rappelling or abseiling, canyoning is a mountaineering sport where you use ropes to lower yourself down steep rock faces. In Baños, you can go canyoning down a trail of amazing waterfalls! This is a great way to visit some of the natural beauty in the area, while also having an adrenaline packed day. There are several levels of canyoning, so if you are doing one of the harder levels, make sure you are really familiar with the rope system and movements you need to do.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular extreme sports in Baños, as the surrounding rivers are perfect for it, especially in rainy season. You can easily book a tour with an agency in Baños and they will provide transport, equipment and sometimes even lunch. Make sure that your guide gives you a security briefing, as rafting is great fun but if the river suddenly grows, it can get dangerous too.

Mountain Biking

Whether you want to cycle down the Waterfall Route, or do some more extreme downhill biking, Baños is the perfect place for it. With its steep hills and volcanoes, there are some amazing routes from the simplest along a picturesque road, to biking on a volcano! If you are a recreational road cyclist, the Waterfall Route is an excellent ride to see the waterfalls. You can rent a bike in Banos for $10 a day, you just need to check the wheels, breaks and gears thoroughly before you leave. The route is mostly downhill, with some slight uphill sections. There is a cycle lane, but for most of the road it isn’t separated from the rest of the traffic. Along the way you can find stalls selling fruit, drinks, sugar cane juice, coconuts, and more. There are also restaurants, especially near the waterfalls.  


Swing off the end of the world! Well the end of the mountain at least. Casa del Arbol is nestled on the top of the mountain overlooking Baños, next to Tungurahua volcano (still active!). The house has the most famous swing in the world (or at least instafamous), which gives the sensation of flying over the valley. Try and go in the morning before it gets misty or on a sunny day. As well as the swing, the owner is actually monitoring the volcano, and in case of an eruption would sound the alarm to evacuate Baños and the surrounding areas.



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