Ecuador Tours with local private tour guides

Tourism and travel have evolved throughout the years and we could say that, in this day and age, people are more and more inclined to seek travel experiences in which they control every last part of their journeys. Far have we travelled from the antiquated vision of the 1970s tourist, walking around with a camera strapped around his neck, stuck in a bus —spending more time in that bus than exploring the destination at hand— following his tour guide’s little blue flag when finally let free to roam. That “tour guide” was once an inherent part of the tourist experience. Things have changed. Travelers today have lost their faith in “him”. 

Since the early 2000s, many travelers have adopted the DIY-stance of winging their tourist experience on their own, no guide whatsoever. A couple of quick google searches and trip advisor ratings later, things “seem” under control. But you can never be quite sure. 

Of course, there are perks to the no-guide approach. Apart from a sense of privacy in your travels without having to follow a crowd and do as your guide tells you, there’s the fun of building your own itinerary. But there is also the great risk of missing out on what makes a place interesting, and, above all, finding the nooks and crannies, people, sites, and adventures that a local tour guide would know and you, muddled by the vast chaos of the internet and its shameless promotion of everything and anything, wouldn’t. And, don’t forget, things have changed; private tour guides no longer carry little blue flags around.

Experience Ecuador Beyond the Usual

Private guides will offer visitors a different, more authentic perspective of the country at hand. And Ecuador is no exception. They will show you the where’s and why’s of Ecuadorian culture. They will take you to places that truly embody the essence of the country. They will offer you options according to your interests and desires; make sure you are getting the best possible experience for your buck at your chosen destinations… and, above all, take you to places no one else takes you to or offer activities you are NOT expecting; perks that truly make your holiday more interesting and memorable.       

Ecuador receives few tourists every year in comparison with most other countries in its region. You, reading this blog post, may have never thought of Ecuador as a place to visit in South America —most people don’t— placing countries like Peru, Colombia, even Panama above it on your travel wish-list. This is not so great for the country’s tourism industry… but it’s great for you, who have decided to come and visit. Especially in terms of private tour guides… Tourism isn’t saturated here like in other countries, thus there is a better chance of you accessing the best private guides around for reasonable prices. Try us at Wanderbus… we guarantee an unforgettable guided experience.

Step inside the Ecuadorian Soul, with the guide of an expert

What’s better than getting to know a country you’ve never been to hanging out with the locals. Better yet, trained locals that know where to take you and how to truly show you what the Ecuadorian Soul is all about. 

Like all Latin American countries, Ecuador has its idiosyncrasies; as well as things it shares with its neighbors. To discover these differences —what inevitably sets Ecuador apart— private local guides are the answer, offering the best possible way to do penetrate the countries culture from a travelers’ perspective. 

The Ecuadorian soul is a friendly, warm, diverse, inclusive, happy place; don’t miss out on an excellent private guided experience… and thank us later! 

Popular Guided Destinations

Of course, top on the list of guided destinations is the Galapagos Islands. To understand the nature and reach the most special corners of the archipelago, guides are sometimes the only way to go. 

Not every visitor site requires a private guide, but there are many that do. Though nature many times can be visited on one’s own, having a guide offers visitors newfound knowledge and enriches the intellectual experience. 

Mindo is another clear example of this. This cloud-forest town in the Northwestern Andes is known for its fascinating array of birds of all colors. Expert private guides can offer you the opportunity of discovering an astounding biodiversity that you would miss out on if you were out walking along the forest trails on your own. 

Mountain climbing with expert guides is also a must in Ecuador. Guides are prepared for any eventuality and will take you to mountain peaks that are suited for your health, stamina and level of expertise. 

When visiting indigenous communities, it is also important to be able to communicate with the locals, who in many cases don’t speak languages other than their native tongues and Spanish. Private guides will enhance these experiences, allowing you to communicate and provide a stronger bond with your hosts.     

Guided Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing seems like a “thing of the past”, sitting in a car and checking out the monuments; stopping to stand in front of them, take the picture before setting out to the next site. A local private tour guide can offer something better. They can organize itineraries according to your interests; take you to the places you want to see and inspire you to continue exploring; take you to the best vantage points from which to admire the given site and offer options that you didn’t know about. This is what really sets experiencing a place like Ecuador with a private local guide apart.


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