Ecuador private expeditions: Our staff favorite picks

Ecuador is chock full of adventure. There’s something everywhere you look and everywhere you head to. There are spectacular sites that not even the local Ecuadorians are aware of… and then there are all the fabulous top-5 sites that everyone who knows even the least bit about this country can enumerate. Well, we know them all well: the top-5s-on-everyone’s-list and our very special, exclusive must-visit sites that we keep to ourselves. And they’re all exciting… Read on and get inspired! 

What to expect

Expect to be amazed at the sheer diversity of landscapes and climates that make up Ecuador’s kaleidoscopic world. Expect to make deep connections with local communities in fabulous natural and rural settings. Expect to discover nature at its purest in one the world’s most biodiverse corners of our planet. Expect the adrenaline of a veritable rollercoaster of a country. Expect to feel at home and discover a destination that is, for the most part, little known, full of new discoveries even for those who have already visited before. You won’t feel like you’re just another tourist here. There are plenty of nooks and crannies throughout Ecuador to make you feel like you’re the only one setting out to discover them. 

Private tours to Ecuador offer a wonderful look into a country that always exceeds expectations. May your mind be blown!   

Privately enjoy unique adventures in Ecuador

Ecuador is full of andrenaline-filled adventure, life-changing cross-cultural experiences, nature at its most exhilarating… From navigating on dugout canoes down remote jungle streams to hanging out at the community center with medicinal men and matriarch leaders, Ecuador is a real journey to a world unknown. Not to mention exciting natural excursions, including treks and trails in forests, mountains and valleys, that will take your breath away. Private expeditions take you that extra mile to the places where nobody else goes. Let us tell you about them. 

Explore Ecuador’s national parks and more

So now let’s delve into our picks for private journeys in Ecuador. Of course, we must start with the obvious: Galapagos National Park, Darwin’s inspiration. Apart from offering spectacular landscapes and views, and all the scintillating white sand beaches and turquoise waters you could wish for, these islands are, for many reasons, astoundingly inspiring due to their scientific significance. 

Another must-visit destination is Machalilla National Park, the only protected area on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast. The best preserved white-sand beaches, beautiful forests and communities like Agua Blanca, home to ancient archaeological remains, offer everything from whale-watching to basking in the sun in the cleanest of sands… as well as getting to exploring one of the earliest civilizations in the Americas. 

Cotopaxi National Park is Ecuador’s most popular mountain destination, a beautiful snow-capped dome that dominates the inter-Andean valley. Discover the power of the páramo, a world that suddenly takes you to landscapes similar to those of Iceland, with gigantic rocks spewed from the volcano’s interior during past eruptions.   

Enjoy a large array of available excursions and experiences

No one does community tourism in remote areas better than Wanderbus. So, if you are into nature and culture, travel experiences with positive impact, coming into contact with different viewpoints and livelihoods, well, here are some of our favorite journeys and expeditions.

One of our most exciting experiences is visiting the Sarayaku community, one of the most active defenders of the Amazonian jungle. Head out to the into the least impacted tracts of forest in the Amazon Basin and connect with local communities to discover life far from civilization, along beautiful forest-laden rivers. 

Another staff favorite is Wayusa Upina Wasi, another small community in the Amazon Basin where you’ll discover the secrets of medicinal plants as well as fascinating customs, nighttime rituals, and experiences that highlight the great connection these communities keep with their environment. 

There’s also a Barcelona in Ecuador… along the Pacific Coast, a tiny town with gravel streets, home to the Panama hat. This, the great misnomer (since Panama hats are 100% Ecuadorian), the sombrero de paja toquilla is handcrafted by weavers all through the Pacific Coast, and Barcelona is one of these hat-making craft towns, where you can follow the entire process from harvesting the palm leaves used to make the hats all through the wetting, drying and curing of the palm and the actual weaving of the hats by local, skillful artisans. Most of the stages are actually done on the streets, out in the open, for all visitors to see. A spectacular cultural experience, indeed.

Ozogoche is dominated by magical landscapes with arresting hills and lakes all around, offering endless trekking into the wilderness. Local mountain communities welcome visitors to offer an authentic look at their simple, yet fascinating lives in the high elevations of Ecuador’s most remote mountain ranges. 

Qhapaq Ñan, or the Inca Trail… from the small town of Achupallas to the ruins of Ingapirca, Ecuador’s only preserved Inca ruins, is one of the most exhilarating treks you will come across. Connect with local villagers to organize your three-day expedition into the wilds of the Azuay Pass, discover silent, long-lost lagoons and broken-down stone ruins of ancient pre-Inca mountain dwellers before reaching the arresting sights of the Sun Temple, the imposing ruins of a pre-Columbian city…

About Wanderbus’ private expeditions

Wanderbus has created special private expeditions such as these, all customizable, to fit every whim and travel desire. Include a private guide for a specific part of your journey and organize other segments of your trip on your own. Make your expedition just like you want it, with excellent template itineraries to choose from. Wanderbus is all about showing you the most authentic Ecuadorian experience possible…

Avoid the crowds with Wanderbus

Ecuador, luckily, has ample space to grow in the tourism spectrum. It’s a fascinating country with many hotspots and highlights, most of which are little known. Wanderbus prides itself on knowing the country up and down, including many unique destinations within the country that other tourism operators are not even aware exist. So, the best way to avoid the crowds is to follow our lead. 

Discover the best of Ecuador; go where nobody goes… It’s what we do.


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