6 Awesome Activities to do in Montañita


Montañita is a village with surf and hippy vibes galore on the Ecuadorian coast. With an amazing beach, said to be one of the most beautiful in the region, great parties, and delicious food, there is really no reason to not visit (unless you’re the Grinch)!

Activities to do in Montañita


Montañita is famous for its waves. Originally a fishing village, hippies landed here in the 60s and never left. They brought surfing with them, and now Montañitans are world champions! You can easily rent a surfboard for a half or full day from most hostels, or specialised surf shops. These offer lessons too, so if you’re looking for a new hobby this is the perfect opportunity! Local pros like to surf on the north point at the end of the beach, as the waves here can get to 2 or 3 meters.



Hand in hand with surf is, of course, yoga! After a serious surf session, who doesn’t want to stretch out those muscles with a good yoga session? There are a few options, but the Estudio Casa del Sol yoga centre on the edge of town is really tranquil and nice. You can pay for single classes or sign up for a pack for a cheaper deal.


After the beach, Montañita is probably most famous for its parties. It’s known as a place of debauchery amongst Ecuadorians (but keep in mind they can be a bit conservative and it’s actually pretty chill). You’ve got some big clubs like Lost Island, which is known for its electronic concerts and sound system (be prepared to pay a cover charge here). Other smaller clubs or outdoor parties are really fun (and cheap). Check out cocktail alley first, where there are a million stands selling super cheap mixed drinks and cocktails. If you want them to top up the alcohol in your drink just ask! From here, we usually just follow the music to wherever it takes us.


Thanks to the diversity of Montañita’s population, you can find huge variety when it comes to eating. From typical coastal Ecuadorian food such as shrimp encocado, or fried fish with plantain, to pizzas, burritos, burgers, and much more. We love trying out street food, like the Argentinian empanadas you can get for $1, or the Venezuelan burgers you can get for $2.

Learn Spanish

Lots of people justify their extended trips to Montañita by learning Spanish here, which is possibly the best idea ever. If you’re going to learn Spanish anywhere, it might as well be on a fabulous beach sipping on an ice-cold coconut! There are several Spanish schools here, so compare prices and course lengths before signing up. If you’re flexible, you will probably get an even better deal once you’ve arrived in Montañita.


Our favorite. Sunbathing after… well too much partying! Montañita has a habit of offering lots to do in the day and at night. Sometimes the lack of sleep will catch up with you, and sunbathing (aka discreet napping) is the best cure. People will pass by you selling all sorts of things while you’re at the beach, so you won’t really need to move. Definitely try the ceviche!

Looking for more beach options while you are in Ecuador? Check out our list of 5 amazing beaches you can visit. And if you are looking for something less beachy, don’t miss out on Baños, and awesome town in the heart of the Andes that offers extreme activities or extreme relaxation, depending on your mood.

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