Amazon Jungle Lodges in Ecuador

Before planning a trip to the rainforest, take some time to research the available Amazon Jungle lodges in Ecuador to ensure you make the most of your trip. You can choose from all-inclusive luxury packages to more budget-friendly DIY options, depending on the level of comfort and convenience you seek. In the following, we’ll cover some of our favorite Amazon lodging initiatives.

Amazon Jungle Lodges in Ecuador

Incredible Amazon Jungle Lodges in Ecuador

When it comes to jungle lodges in Ecuador, customer satisfaction isn’t hard to achieve—the Ecuadorian rainforest does not disappoint. This is one of the most breathtaking and fragile regions of the world. As a visitor, it’s impossible not to be in awe of the flora, fauna, and, of course, the indigenous communities and their symbiotic relationship with their surroundings.

A couple of jungle lodges in Ecuador have garnered special international recognition because of their high-end amenities, activities and Amazon conservation efforts, often done in concert with local indigenous communities. These are:

Napo WIldlife Center

Located in the heart of Yasuní National Park, the Napo Wildlife Center invites travelers deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon for an all-inclusive, unforgettable experience in the Amazon.

The lodge itself is situated along the Añangucocha Lagoon and is owned by the local Kichwa community. Local staff act as your guides through the jungle and along the river, using only motorless canoes not to frighten the wildlife.

Kapawi Ecolodge

Kapawi Ecolodge is an award-winning indigenous community ecotourism initiative nestled deep in Ecuador’s Amazon, in Pastaza Province. To get there, you need to travel in a small plane. Once there, you can imagine how secluded and pristine the surrounding rainforest must feel.

At Kapawi, visitors are encouraged to explore and experience the rainforest consciously and respectfully. Activities include kayak trips, hikes, and cultural experiences, led by local indigenous guides from the Achuar community.

High-end Jungle Lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon

In addition to Napo Wildlife Center and Kapawi Ecolodge described above, here are a couple of other high-end jungle lodges in Ecuador worth exploring:

Sacha Lodge

Located two hours by boat from the Amazonian city of Coca, Sacha Lodge boasts a 197-foot (60-meter) rainforest canopy walkway and a plunge pool, protected by a mesh cage, in Laguna El Pilche, where the lodge is situated.

The land surrounding the lodge is Ecuador’s largest private nature reserve, and, as a visitor, you’re encouraged to explore the area to your heart’s content (accompanied by a local guide). Activities include night tours, day hikes, canoe trips, birdwatching, caiman spotting, and more.

Sani Lodge

Located on the banks of a lagoon in Yasuní National Park, Sani Lodge is a family-friendly lodge owned and managed by the Kichwa indigenous community of Sani Isla.

Here, visitors can explore the area by canoe and birdwatch from a giant Ceibo tree. This is a wonderful place to learn about local culture while immersed in the Amazon’s intoxicating and lush natural beauty.

Eco-friendly Jungle Lodges in Ecuador

Are you looking for a more affordable, mid-range eco-friendly jungle lodge in Ecuador?

Tamandúa Ecolodge

The Tamandúa Ecolodge is situated in a nature reserve only 30 minutes from the city of Puyo in Pastaza Province and offers visitors the opportunity to appreciate the Ecuadorian rainforest without breaking the bank.

As a sister project of the YanaCocha Wildlife Rescue Centre, profits from Tamandúa Ecolodge are injected back into the protection and conservation of rainforest wildlife.

At Tamandúa, you can stay in their rustic cabins, camp under a roof, and explore the area on bird-watching excursions and other ecotourism activities.

Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Farm

Another affordable alternative is the Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Farm, situated on 50 hectares of pristine land in the Ecuadorian Amazon, 40 minutes outside of Puyo.

With raving reviews on Tripadvisor, Finca Heimatlos provides excellent value at a very decent rate. Apart from comfortable accommodations and incredible views, visitors can enjoy delicious food in the restaurant and hike to a nearby waterfall.

Finca Heimatlos is an excellent and easily accessible destination for travelers seeking peace and tranquility in the rainforest.

NAKU Community Tourism Initiative

This community-led initiative invites travelers to join a multi-day healing retreat with the Sápara (also spelled Zápara orZapara) people of the Ecuadorian Amazon. These retreats are focused on the exploration of traditional plant-based medicine that has been used among Ecuador’s indigenous Amazonian people for centuries.

To find out more about this experience, visit the Naku website.

Wildsumaco Lodge

Wildsumaco Lodge is situated in the Sumaco-Galeras National park in Napo Province, which is considered upper rainforest cloud forest. This is an excellent destination for birders and nature lovers that want to disconnect from modern life in a pristine and inspiring setting.

The lodge sits on a hill with a magnificent view; the rooms are simple, comfortable, and much more affordable than high-end jungle lodges in Ecuador.

Napo Cultural Center (Yasuní Ecolodge)

The Napo Cultural Center, also known as the Yasuní Ecolodge, is located in Yasuní National Park. The Kichwa Añagu Community owns the Center, and all profits are channeled back into the community and its ecotourism initiatives.

If you want to visit Yasuní National Park, this is a more affordable alternative to the Napo Wildlife Center.

Runa Huasi Lodge

A sister lodge to Liana Lodge, Runa Huasi (or Wasi) is run by and belongs to the Kichwa Ahuano community, located about an hour from the city of Tena along the Arajuno River.
Runa Huasi is an affordable alternative to other lodges in the area. It offers visitors simple, rustic cabins and access to community-led activities such as canoe rides and hikes through the rainforest.

Visitors here should stop by the AmaZOOnico Wildlife Rescue Center, located on the same tract of land, where animals that have survived trafficking are rehabilitated and released into the wild, whenever possible.

Anaconda Lodge

Another exciting and inviting place from which to explore the Amazon is Anaconda Lodge. Located between the Napo and Arajuno Rivers. You can enjoy all of the traditional activities like hiking, canoeing, and observing native wildlife, along with fine cuisine and comfortable accommodations. Most importantly, this highly memorable experience will leave you with a better understanding of the incredible biodiversity within the rainforest and the remarkable efforts of folks, like owners Silvia and Francisco, to preserve the nature, culture, and way of life in this part of the world.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Jungle Lodge

Ecuador jungle tours
Before choosing a jungle lodge in Ecuador, make sure you consider the following:

What is included?: High-end lodges will usually offer you an all-inclusive package, while more affordable options only cover food and accommodations. Activities and transport may need to be organized and covered independently.
2 nights/3 days: Even if you aren’t traveling deep into the Amazon, try to spend at least 2 nights and 3 days in the rainforest. The more time you spend there, the more likely you are to spot wildlife. Given this basic itinerary length, make sure the jungle lodge you choose is within your budget.
Location: You don’t have to go far into the Amazon to appreciate its beauty, but there is something special about traveling for hours by land and boat (or plane) to enter a region whose wild animals would otherwise be impossible to view elsewhere, such as pink river dolphins and jaguars.
Reviews and Recommendations: Make sure you read customer reviews about the lodges you’re considering; nothing beats a personal recommendation.
Family-friendly: If you’re traveling with children, a family-friendly lodge will offer additional activities, which are convenient if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate with your exploration plans. And, in the rainforest, this can occur sometimes!

How to Get to Ecuador’s Amazon Region

If you’re traveling to the Amazon region of Ecuador, you can take one of two different routes. The first option takes you through Quito and due east across the highlands. The second takes you east to Pastaza Province along a more southerly route through the popular town of Baños, which is sometimes considered the gateway to the Amazon.

Wanderbus can help you get to your favorite destinations in the Amazon region. Ecuador’s premiere hop-on and hop-off transportation service is also the company that helps you plan, organize, and enjoy a safe and invigorating travel experience. Wanderbus’ Cotinga and Express passes each take you to strategic points from which you can venture further into the rainforest and explore ‘til your heart’s content.


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