The amazon jungle tour in Ecuador

Are you thinking in a Ecuador Amazon jungle tour for your next adventure?  If you’re planning to visit our marvelous little (but not that little) country, we strongly encourage you to make space in your itinerary for an Ecuador Amazon jungle tour.

In the following blog, we’ll go over some of the basics to help you plan your trip.

The amazon jungle tour in Ecuador

Where is the amazon jungle in Ecuador?

Ecuador can be divided into four geographic regions, including: the Coast, the Andes, the Amazon, and the Galápagos Islands. The Amazon makes up the largest region in the country, easily ⅔ of the entire landmass. Not counting the Galápagos Islands. Without exaggerating, your visit here really wouldn’t be complete unless you include an Ecuador Amazon jungle tour. 

More specifically, within this region, the three top areas you should consider exploring on your Amazon tour are:

  1. The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, located in the northeast corner of the country (deep Amazon)
  2. Yasuní National Park, farther south from Cuyabeno, along the Peruvian border (also deep Amazon)
  3. The general Napo province starting in Tena and following the Napo River (not deep Amazon, but still awesome).

People travel from around the world to experience the Amazon. Why? Because it is arguably the most biodiverse place on Earth. Ecuador’s Amazon jungle is home to thousands of plant species, a bazillion insect species, over 170 amphibian/reptile species, more than 200 species of mammals and, impressively, nearly 600 recorded bird species.

There’s a lot more going on in the Amazon than we realize; new species are discovered quite regularly. Quite incredibly, during your trip to Ecuador, you can experience all of this nature-madness in person.

Best ways to arrive there

One of the advantages to planning an Amazon jungle tour while in Ecuador is that, given the country’s size, it’s easy to travel through the different regions. Especially compared to its larger neighbors like Colombia and Perú.

Within three hours by car or bus from Quito, you’re already in Tena, a small city at the foothills of the Andes, and a gateway into the Amazon. If you want to explore the deep Amazon, you should consider going through one of the Amazon lodges (see next section), but if you’re a more adventurous type, jump on a bus from Quito to Coca (8 hours) and a boat from Coca to Nuevo Rocafuerte (9 hours). You’ll end up at Yasuní National Park on the border between Ecuador and Perú, smack dab in the middle of the world’s last remaining tropical rainforest.

Do you prefer to fly?

Airlines like Tame and Avianca offer domestic flights from Quito or Guayaquil to Coca (for access to Yasuní) or Lago Agrio (for access to Cuyabeno). Though convenient, these relatively short flights (50 minutes) cost a pretty penny.

How to choose an amazon jungle tour

How to choose an amazon jungle tour?

The rainforest is a vast region and there are a few factors you should consider as you plan your Amazon jungle tour in Ecuador. Consider the following:

  • How many days do you have to spend in the Amazon?
  • What’s your budget and can you afford a lodge/tour package?
  • Is there something specific you want to see/experience in the Amazon?

The number of days you have available in your travel schedule will largely determine what kind of Amazon jungle tour you should choose. 

Among the three main destinations in the Ecuadorian Amazon, including Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Yasuní National Park, and the general Napo province (Tena and down along the Napo River), the one that requires the least amount of time to visit is the general Napo province. You can get to this area by car or bus, spend one or two nights, hike during the day or find a short day trip, and head back to Quito on the third day. 

Similarly, many packaged tours to Cuyabeno will get you back to Quito within three days, with plenty of time to spare for the Galápagos Islands and/or Cotopaxi Volcano. Tours to Cuyabeno are generally more affordable than those to the Yasuní, but you’ll probably see just as much, if not more, wildlife. The reason for this is that, in Cuyabeno, wildlife is generally confined to the reserve’s flooded area. The Yasuní, in contrast, covers a much larger expanse of rainforest territory.

If you’re looking for an exclusive (and more expensive) option, consider going on a packaged tour to Yasuní National Park. Sani Lodge isn’t technically in the Park, but is relatively close and highly recommended. You’re guaranteed to spot wild and mystical creatures during your visit! Another option might be the remote Shiripuno Lodge, a joint project with the local Waorani people. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

Why choose Wanderbus?

Where does the Wanderbus come in when it comes to Ecuador Amazon jungle tours?
As an Ecuadorian tourism company, and (nearly) certified B Corporation, we offer visitors a convenient alternative to regular bus travel, ensuring safety and access to top destinations for a very affordable price. Additionally, we partner with enterprises country-wide to provide our travellers with the best hostel, restaurant, and tour options, all the while prioritizing sustainable tourism in the country.

If you have a limited budget but still want to experience the Amazon, you can do so with Wanderbus.

There are two main options: jump on one of our buses heading through Tena/Misahualli, hop off and spend a few days frolicking in the forest before you jump back on the Wanderbus to explore other destinations OR (phew, running out of oxygen) book this Amazon rainforest tour through us and don’t even worry about the details.

Amazon jungle tour

To wrap things up…

Once you start researching Ecuador Amazon jungle tours and the various lodges, guides and regions…well, it gets overwhelming fast. Instead of reading through hundreds of TripAdvisor reviews, our best advice would be to ask someone experienced in Amazon travel directly. 

If you’re not convinced about buying our Amazon tour linked above. This is completely understandable. Consider just asking us for advice in the comments below or on our live chatbot. We’d be happy to help.

Whatever you end up choosing, enjoy. The Ecuadorian Amazon may not be around forever, appreciate it while you can!


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