Ecuador family holidays

Is Ecuador on your mind as the next destination to take your family? This incredibly diverse country isn’t just for solo travelers but for those who love to share adventures and make new travel memories with loved ones. So, keep reading to discover the perfect Ecuador family holidays!

Ecuador family holidays

Reasons why Ecuador is the perfect family destination

Besides the fact that Ecuadorians are some of the friendliest South Americans and that family is the main base of social life in Ecuador, there are other important reasons to consider it the perfect place for family holidays.

As a responsible parent, you are always looking for safety, comfort, learning, and fun
Well, Ecuador has them all!

The mixture of culture, nature, and adventure is a winning combo that makes Ecuador family holidays unforgettable! This country offers all of these, along with plenty of opportunities to relax!
As we all know, kids find it much more enjoyable to learn from experiences than from books! Well, by walking around colonial sites like Quito and Cuenca, you and your family will get the chance to discover Ecuadorian Hispanic history in a fun way. 

Also, by visiting indigenous communities visitors will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with a different world. From the clothes the native people wear to the language they speak – just picture your kids trying to learn some words in Kichwa, the Inca language, or Spanish they’ll love it and you will too!

What about heading to the Pacific beaches, observing some Galapagos tortoises, walking around a crater lake volcano, or spending some days in the rainforest? In Ecuador, your kids are more likely to see wild animals in their natural environment than in a zoo, and that’s priceless!

Concerned about the safety and comfort factors? You shouldn’t be!
Most of the touristic places and accommodations in Ecuador are family-friendly and safe. Some even offer special treats and discounts for family groups!

Reasons why Ecuador is the perfect family destination

Tips to organize the perfect family trip in Ecuador

Traveling with kids – and why not, with grandparents – can be fun, but it also entails a lot more effort than traveling solo.  

The famous “go with the flow” approach doesn’t really apply when planning holidays with your kids! Everything should be well organized before your Ecuador family holidays, so here are some tips to make this epic journey as fun and as safe as possible.

Definitely, don’t forget to pack essential items such as good waterproof sun protection and insect repellent – welcome to the Equator! Make sure to bring plenty, as you’ll be using these items on a daily basis. Also, bring a travel first aid kit that includes the basics such as antihistamines and painkillers. And remember to include medication for any specific medical condition in your family – you may be able to find this in Ecuador, but it’s best not to take the risk.

Add to this list a hat and sunglasses for every member of your family and lots of earplugs! This tiny country tends to be quite noisy for foreign kids, especially at night or during national holidays. Since long journeys can be boring for little ones, don’t forget to pack some small toys and books to color or read. Teenagers usually know what to bring to amuse themselves during a trip!

Another very important tip is providing every member of your crew with a list of emergency contacts in Ecuador, such as the embassy of your country, the police, emergency services (911 in Ecuador), along with some Ecuadorian friends’ contacts, and your mobile number.

No doubt Ecuadorian food is delicious, but you have to take some precautionary measures to avoid stomach upsets. Only drink purified water (tap water isn’t suitable for drinking in most of the country), and use the same water to brush your teeth.

Explore Ecuador easy

Street food can be inoffensive for Ecuadorian stomachs, even for kids, but it’s best to avoid it for sanitary reasons. Try typical Ecuadorian food in local restaurants instead. And remember, Ecuador is the land of fruits and vegetables, so try them all, especially the exotic ones! Just make sure they are properly washed beforehand.

Ecuador also has a number of volcanoes and is located on the famous “Ring of Fire.” This doesn’t mean Ecuadorians live through daily earthquake emergency alerts, but it is something to take into consideration on your Ecuador family holidays. Also, keep in mind the altitude of Ecuadorian mountains: if you need a couple of days to adjust to the thin air, your children may need a few more before starting your adventures in the mountains. 

Last but not least, remember touristic places are crowded, so always keep an eye on your kids and make a plan with them in case they get lost: a meeting point, emergency numbers, the name and address of your hotel. But don’t let this take the fun away! Local kids like to play with visitors and your loved ones will likely be invited to share the playground or a friendly football match in the park!

Recommended itineraries

Recommended itineraries

Due to the size of Ecuador, you can drive from the Pacific Coast to the rainforest through the Andes in less than 12 hours. 

Impossible! You may think! Nah, Ecuador is magic!

The Wanderbus team has put together some fantastic passes to offer you the best Ecuador family holidays. You only have to follow some simple steps: 

  1. Check out our passes and choose the one that best suits you and your family.
  2. Check the departure schedule of the buses.
  3. Plan the number of days you would like to stay in each of the stops included in the pass you have chosen.
  4. Ask for our family discounts (for families with kids under 12 years old).
  5. Book your pass.
  6. Smile and wait for the departure day!

Most of our passes cover the highlights of the sierra and the coast, such as Quito, Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, Cuenca, Baños, Guayaquil, Montañita, among others. We also offer passes that take you to the rainforest (Misahuallí and Tena). 

And what about Galápagos?

Click here and check our extra tours to discover the “Enchanted Islands” for 3, 4, or 5 nights… the choice is yours!

If you would like to know more about these destinations, just download our free guides and discover the best of Ecuador.

Wanderbus Ecuador

Wanderbus Ecuador

Do you know that you and your beloved people are traveling in good company with Wanderbus? We have the best trained and friendliest guides to answer all your questions – and we know kids love to ask a lot of questions! So, think about this journey as a fun and interactive class while you are traveling with your kids.

What else? Once on the road, you will also be provided with some extra supplies (games, snacks, chocolate bars, and water) just in case the little ones – or the big ones – get a bit bored during the journeys. We stop at various places for fun and interesting activities en route (see our website to check the number of stops and the activities included in your pass).

And remember, if you have any questions or special requests about family-friendly places and activities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We wish you unforgettable Ecuador family holidays!


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