Ecuadorian chocolate: A sweet hands-on experience at a Cocoa Plantation


Did somebody say chocolate? That’s right. One of the last stops before arriving to Guayaquil along Wanderbus is a cocoa plantation, where you will learn hands-on, how the best chocolate in the world is made.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys trying new flavors and learning by doing, then this is a stop you can´t miss when traveling with Wanderbus. You will be greeted by a family that dedicates their life to processing chocolate, that will, later on, be exported to the world. Ecuador continues being the main supplier of cocoa, with a coverage of 60% of the world’s market, according to Anecacao (Ecuador´s National Association of Cocoa Exporters).

While getting to know the workflow of how cocoa is processed, you will get to try the fresh cocoa fruit. Get your taste buds ready, so you can tell us what kind of flavor it has. Hint: nothing like chocolate, but very delicious as well.

You will end your visit with a small lunch, served by the family, and surrounded by the tropical vegetation. This is the time to get to know the locals, and if you are a bit tired, you can rest on one of the hammocks.

Remember to bring with you:

  • Mosquito repellent (you don´t want to become anybody’s meal).
  • $5 for a lunch that will be served.
  • Comfortable shoes (we will be walking).
  • Light clothes (the weather is humid and warm).
  • Camera (you don´t want to miss all the wildlife that will surround the


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