Misahuallí with kids: tips and recommendations

The Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest offers plenty of spectacular places to go, and in this chapter, I’ll give you some enlightenment about visiting the beautiful jungle town of Misahuallí with kids. 

Let’s be honest! Shall we?
Ecuador might not have the best amusement parks, but who needs those when you can play Tarzan or Indiana Jones in the jungle itself? Here you can spend the day seeking thrills of a different kind, watching ravishing butterflies and rafting in white waters.

Misahualli with kids: tips and recommendations

Is Misahuallí a good destination for kids?

This place is just perfect for kids! Especially if your offspring are the adventurous kind. They will enjoy a wide range of activities including playing with monkeys in their natural habitat, swimming in natural pools, trying new food – Lion King style -, or just playing on the beach –  a river beach! 

Most of the accommodations are family-friendly, and a few of them even have special activities for children. Although you may not find a kids’ menu in restaurants, sharing a dish between two will be no problem. 

But safety first! 
Don’t worry, visiting Misahuallí with kids is safe. A river beach does not have the strong currents or waves of the ocean. 

Best things to do in Misahuallí with kids

Best things to do in Misahuallí with kids

The list is pretty long, but the following suggestions are rated the best in Misahuallí with kids:

El jardín de mariposas (or mariposario) is a butterfly farm where you can learn about the lifecycle of these colorful animals. Believe me, your children are going to love seeing these creatures flying around their heads and, if they stand still, possibly even landing on them!

Playing with the Capuchin monkeys at the main plaza will surely bring a big smile to your kids’ faces, but be careful! These cheeky buddies love stealing visitors’ belongings and kids are an easy target. Just don’t let them wear anything valuable.

Weekends offer the best opportunity to join Ecuadorian families enjoying their time on the white sands of the riverbank beach. Usually, Ecuadorians are very curious about how kids are raised in other corners of the globe, so take this opportunity to make some new family friends. Your children don’t speak spanish? Don’t worry, kids always find a way to communicate when they want to have fun!

The Latas Cascada is another “must-do” in Misahuallí with kids. After an easy 90-minute hike you can swim at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall, or in any of the pools or streams along the way. Just make sure you and your family have good sneakers or rubber boots to walk on the slippery stones.

Have your loved ones ever gone “tubing”?

Local kids love tubing, so take your kids and jump on!!! It’s a great way to admire the beauty of the jungle as you float past! If tubing isn’t your thing, kayaking and rafting tours are also available. The key here is to have a blast, and the Napo River offers you that!! 

Book a family tour (ask for group discounts) and visit one of the Kichwa communities near Misahuallí. Your children could end up trying some wonderful local chocolate while someone from the community paints their face with tribal motifs. 

Also, take your family to visit and hug the magnificent old tree. Locals claim it is over 400 years old! There isn’t a better way to connect with nature than hugging a tree, you’ll see!

Are you the proud parent of the most fearless kids ever?

Why not dare them to try the famous chontacuro, a big tasty warm that lives inside the heart of a palm tree? If you are looking for a less extreme dish, don’t miss the delicious maito de tilapia or maito de pollo (fish or chicken pieces wrapped in plantain leaves).

Tips for traveling to Misahualli with kids

Tips for traveling to Misahuallí with kids

The main goal of travelling to Misahuallí with kids is to have FUN! Read the following safety tips carefully in order to NOT ruin your perfect holiday.

  • Bring loads of insect repellent. After all, Misahuallí is in the jungle, the natural habitat of these rascals!
  • Make sure you have enough drinking water with you at all times, especially when you go on tours. The humidity of the jungle will make you sweat a lot, so you and your family will need to hydrate constantly.
  • Be sure to wear the right clothes for the jungle: light long pants, long-sleeved tops, rubber boots, a hat, and sunglasses. Sometimes the sun can be unmerciful.
  • Pack enough entertainment for your kids: books, coloring books, a pack of cards. The internet connection isn’t great in the jungle, which might provide a great opportunity to separate your kids from their electronic devices for a while.
  • Don’t forget to carry a travel first aid kit with the basics: some painkillers, antihistamines, a few bandages, sunscreen, etc.
  • Provide your crew with a list of emergency numbers and the address of the place you are staying, just in case.
  • Be free, be wild (just a little), connect with nature and smile!

Our recommendations

If you’re not short of time, take the chance to visit the AmaZOOnico Animal Rescue Center, which takes care of wild animals that have been injured or were illegally kept as pets. Your family will enjoy the amazing close-ups of colorful birds, monkeys, jaguars, caimans, and anacondas. What a way to learn, huh?

A canoe tour of Paikawe Lagoon will give your lucky children the opportunity to observe spectacular wildlife in its natural habitat. After that, they may not be too impressed by city zoos any more!

Is Misahualli a good destination for kids?

Wanderbus Ecuador

Luckily for you and your loved ones, Wanderbus offers some passes that will take you to Misahuallí and the Paikawe Lagoon. Don’t forget to check the extra activities that are included in every pass.

We care about families at Wanderbus, which is why our buses provide snacks and water to keep the bellies satisfied, and some games and trivia to keep the fun going!

And not just that. If you or your children have a question, our knowledgeable, bilingual guides will have the answer! They will provide all the information you need about the magical places on your itinerary. 

Enjoy the jungle!



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