Top 10 places to party in Montañita

We take the hassle out of travel by taking care of the practical things, so you can sit back and enjoy your travels. We have five different passes that include Montañita in the itinerary. Some that even take you to more of our glorious pacific coast beaches.

Welcome to Montañita, Ecuador’s biggest party town! From beach lounging to hardcore partying, here are a few of our favourite spots to hit up for drinks and more.


If you’ve made it to the dreamy beach-town of Montañita, you’ll be wondering where to go party after a good surf and sunbathe. Nothing says Montañita like good food and ridiculously cheap cocktails on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Ecuadorian coast. 

  1. Cocktail Alley

Perhaps the funnest and most iconic place to go in Montañita is Cocktail Alley, a street filled with drinks huts where you can find all sorts of concoctions for very cheap prices! Cocktails and mixed drinks range between 2 and 5 dollars, and if you like your drinks strong, they’ll add a bit more booze for free. Each hut or cabaña has a little seating area, so you can pre-game here before hitting up one the clubs. Depending on the night, different cabañas will set up sound systems, and everyone will be out in the streets dancing! You’ll find everything from salsa to pop being played out here! If you get hungry, watch out for street vendors selling empanadas and other snacks.

  1. Lost Beach Club

If you like electronic music, Lost Beach is the place to go. One of the few spots that are dedicated to electronic music in the country, they throw some pretty good raves! A great sound system, three different dance floors and psychedelic decor make Lost Beach very popular. They have been host to Ecuador’s first Boiler Room and have events on most weeks which you can find the details of on their Facebook page.

  1. Nativa Bambu

Right on the beach, this club has it all! Chillout terrace, a massive dance floor and great atmosphere. Nativa Bambu has a mixture of events with Djs and live bands. Check out what they have on next here.

  1. Hola Ola

Restaurant by day, club by night, Hola Ola is famous for its ladies night on Thursdays where the first 50 women get free drinks until 12:30. If your not a woman, you can still get access to the open bar for $10 until 12:30. The vibe at weekends really depends on who’s djing!

  1. Montañita Brewery

If craft-beer is your thing, head to Montañita Brewery. They serve a variety of tropical ciders made out of mango, lime, ginger, and more! As well as a range of delicious blondes, honey-wheats and IPAs. If you get peckish there’s even fresh sushi and fish tacos! Drool. Find them on the beach front heading north.

  1. Caña Grill

Caña offer food and drinks during the day, and usually have great live music in the evenings, after which the whole place turns into a dance floor. Expect reggae vibes until the dance floor heats up.  

  1. Tiki Limbo

Probably more known for its food (read amazing seafood dishes and brunch) they also have bar that serves delicious cocktails. Complete with a pool table, if you feel like treating yourself to something more sophisticated and relaxed, this is definitely the spot to come.  

  1. El Otro Lado

This gay bar is located literally on the beach. It’s an amazing spot to watch the sunset with your feet in the sand or in one of their giant hammocks. They even have hanging silks if you fancy some aerial dancing or yoga!

  1. Kamala Hostel

If you want to roll out of bed and party, Kamala hostel has a huge pool, amazing vibes and is located right on the beach. Their shots and beer pong sessions are unforgettable, and the pool party on Sundays is one not to miss!

  1. Bier Haus

Classic rock like Nirvana, Black Sabbath and ACDC are usually blasted at Bier Haus. Live music here attracts the locals.
And if you ever get tired of the party scene, check out these 5 amazing beaches in Ecuador that are not Montañita.



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